4-CT partners with community-based organizations across Connecticut to empower individuals in need to improve their lives.

By leveraging the potential of direct cash assistance and strategic collaborations, we efficiently address immediate crises and systemic injustices.

Our focus is on four core objectives:

  1. Helping Connecticut residents improve their own lives, giving them agency to make decisions with direct cash assistance;
  2. Enhancing the nonprofit sector’s ability to serve their communities when and how they need;
  3. Leveraging the statewide network – including other organizations, health centers, philanthropists, and government officials – for collaboration, resource sharing, education and advocacy; and
  4. Experimenting with innovative direct cash aid pilot programs through strategic partnerships.

Why Direct Cash Assistance?

Direct cash assistance is a powerful tool to relieve economic pressures and provide residents in need with same-day resources to improve their lives.

No-strings-attached cash assistance provides individuals in need with the flexibility to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Direct cash assistance is less costly to deliver than in-kind support for the same if not better results.

Beyond meeting immediate needs, a report by the Aspen Institute found that cash provides short-term stability, enabling recipients to improve their lives and to stay on track to reach longer-term financial goals once a crisis has passed.